About M25 Movers

Have you ever tried to get a service provider in London?

The hassle, the fears, the promises that you know will not be kept, the 0845 number, the automated phone system, the endless wait to speak to a human being, the 10 page contract, the hidden charges, the signing your life away, and all that before they even started the job…

The delayed arrival, the rude driver, the endless cigarette breaks, the ‘I forgot this and forgot that’ the “You didn’t tell us about this ….” And “ I need to call the office about that..” and it goes on and on and on..

We know what it’s like..

Here at M25 Movers, we are all family men that understand your needs and the last thing we want is for you to be pulling your hair out or losing sleep the week before your move. The only decision you need to make with us, is to use our services..once you choose us to move you, the rest, we will take care of – guaranteed!

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Mission Statement

Our Vision

Vision: We aim to be a multinational company that provides high standards and worry free relocation services.

Our Purpose

To demonstrate that modern business can uphold the highest moral and professional standards in dealing with employees, clients and shareholders.

Our Mission

Through dedication to our Values, we lead the way in providing support to our clients at their most vulnerable time, by designing and standardising outstanding relocation solutions.

Our Values

Hard Work, Teamwork, Personal Discipline, Empowerment, Respect and continous Self Improvement.