Best Places to Live in London

Best Places to Live in London

Moving to London is a large consideration, there are many factors to take into account. Location is extremely important, choose the wrong location and you could end up in an undesirable location. This could result in finding it difficult to access public transport for your daily commute to work, be overrun by tourists making it difficult to relax in your local area and there are many other factors.

Luckily we are here to help you choose the perfect location so you can focus on other arrangements. Moving can be a stressful experience, so let’s help you along and provide you with some information on the best places to live in London.


Peckham, in the south side of London, has recently been developed into one of the best places to live in London and is a middle-class hot spot. Perfect for families, business orientated professionals and socialites alike.  There is a great sense of community with a feeling of comfortability as well as access to public transport and amenities of all kinds. Peckham is quickly becoming one of the most popular locations for relocation in London and will only continue to grow in the coming years.


Once lined with wharves and warehouses, Bermondsey is now evolved benefiting from its perfect location running along the side of the river Thames. Now Bermodsey can be described as stylish, modern and a hotspot for cutting edge commercial spaces bringing a whole new atmosphere to the area.


Once an undesirable area, Clapton is now described as a hipster, trendy and historically rich place. The borough situated in East London has many of the buildings have been refurbished and restored, not to mention, the local market which has up to 50 independent traders offering everything from food, drink and even homemade crafts.


Fulham boasts a wide variety of reasons why it is ranked as one of the best places to live in London. Whether you like long walks in the park filled with greenery and beautiful landscaping or enjoying the bustling night life you will find what you are looking for in buckets. Fulham should be a serious consideration for anyone considering moving or traveling to London.

Notting Hill

One of the most prestigious and fashionable places in London. Over the years Notting Hill has become an iconic location known across the world and revered for its carnival. The second biggest in the world and offers a serious opportunity for those that wish to indulge in culture and experience a quintessential London experience.


Richmond has been described as charming and is a top consideration for families due to the relaxed environment. Richmond has been popular with families for generations and the trend continues making this the perfect neighbourhood to start or move your family. All in close proximity, you can access great views, fresh air, and escape the hustle and bustle of the main city streets, although they are a hotspot for some of the best coffee shops, cafes and restaurants. Richmond truly has a lot to offer and quality of life is fantastic for the residents that live there.

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