At M25 Movers we understand how strenuous moving can be especially when moving your business from one place to another or even if it is just moving to the top floor. We make sure that moving doesn’t interfere with daily activity, using effective plans and strategies.

We take planning seriously as moving is not just packing and unpacking, there is a lot of work to be done prior to moving day. To make sure you won’t look for things after the move. Moving your business can easily interrupt the business so we make sure you are able to maintain communication with your customers while the move is executed. This way not only your clients would be able to reach but your staff would also stay motivated to work.

Tasks we will handle on the moving day

1) Label your boxes with color codes, to help sorting easier

2) Arrange for your artwork, chalkboards, whiteboards, etc., to be taken off the walls from your old office and then installation at the new facility.

3) Pack your computers and electronics with extra care and also box them adequately.

4) Add a label system to determine where all the items will be placed

5) Work efficiently with your floor plans and work spaces.

6) Help with the disposal of Wastage. (Donate/recycle these items as you want.)

Why you should hire us for your business removal

With our team of professionals you don’t get to worry as we are efficient, accountable,
licensed, and we have one of the highest ratings.

None of our clients have had damaged goods or property as our teams are very
meticulous. Our packing and moving plans do not interrupt your day to day
business. So all you have to do is book, sit back and relax.

Our Teams

We have eight experienced teams that are excellent at what they do. So it doesn’t
matter how big or small your business is, our movers are ready to make your moving
process very smooth.

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