London Removals Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some questions about your upcoming move and what M25 Movers can do to help? We put together this collection of FAQs to help you get a better idea of what we can do for you

The easiest way to make a reservation is to send us an email confirming acceptance of your quote and telling us the date and time that you want to move. You can also call us to confirm your appointment. After you make your reservation you’ll be sent a confirmation email.

Payment for your move can be made in 4 ways:

1. Cash – paid to the driver at the end of the move

2. Credit card – with a minimum of £250.00 and a 3% surcharge

3. Debit card – with a minimum of £250.00 and a £10.00 surcharge

For all of the above options, payment must be made to our driver at the end of the move and upon signing the delivery receipt.

4. Bank transfer – payment must be received in cleared funds before the moving crew has left your property.

We get it. Things come up and you may need to cancel your move.
We only ask that you give us at least seven days notice and you inform us in writing. Unfortunately, If you give less notice we may have to apply cancellation charges.

Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

See number 3. Changes will be subject to availability.

Our standard moving service covers:

– Loading/unloading

– Disassembly and reassembly of items as required

– Wrapping furniture with moving pads

– VAT/mileage (not including congestion charges)

– Free wardrobe boxes for your use

– Cargo Insurance (up to £50,000) is included in our total cost.

A packing crew will be there on moving day or the day before (depending on what we arrange) with all the packing supplies and will pack all your items including books, linens, clothes, kitchen utensils etc.

Every move is completely covered by an independent cargo policy (by Aviva) of up to £50,000.00. If your move is considered to be a “Man and Van” service then you’ll be covered for up to £20,000. You’ll be notified of how much coverage you’ll have when you receive your quote.

Arranging parking (and responsibility for any penalty notices) is your responsibility, not ours.  Please see our ‘Guide to London Parking

All the necessary information should be available to you on your local council website. Check out our london parking page.

Certainly. And you won’t be charged additionally for this. We won’t however reconnect the washing machine, cooker, or any other gas/electrical appliances at the other end. That’s up to you.
Yes we do. Because we’re dedicated like that. But rates may be higher on these days.

If you’d like to dispose of any unwanted items, the charge will be between £15- £35 per item depending on size and weight. Just let us know.
We can provide you with any size storage for any length of time. Our rates start at £2.40 per square foot and may vary depend on season and availability, but please get in touch with your sales representative for a more detailed quote.

We understand that things happen and you can be a little late sometimes. That’s why we don’t charge for the first half hour of waiting time. Anything more than that and you’ll be charged at a rate of £40.00 per hour (in half hour increments) applied retrospectively.

If you choose to move “by the hour” you will be charged from the moment we start working at your pick up address until the moment we finish unloading at the other end. Your hourly rate will be on your order for service email and we will charge in increments of half an hour.

Our custom designed vans are more than twice the capacity of most of our competitors. But if that’s not enough, we will send another van to help out (depending on availability); otherwise the crew will unload at the delivery address and then return to finish the remaining work. Either way, we’ll get the job done fast.

M25 Movers is a fully insured company and we carry a public liability policy (Carrier: Aviva), which covers any accidents at all. So there’s nothing you have to worry about
In any move requiring our packing service or larger than a one bedroom home we will fill out an on site survey so that we can provide you with an exact all inclusive quote.
You don’t have to, but it’s always appreciated 🙂

In short: no. Once you’ve made a reservation, we’ll send you a confirmation email with everything you need to know. This includes a breakdown of our prices and all our contact details. No need to re-confirm.

We usually send out a 3 man crew to help pack up your things as efficiently as possible. This means that there’s rarely any space in the van for clients. Sorry!

Anything that might break on the way: yes. But all other food and drink items can stay put. The fridge and freezer are the last items to go on the van, and the first to come off. So your food should still be nice, fresh (and tasty) at the other end…unless you’re relocating abroad!

We know what a pain it is to end up with crinkled shirts and suits at the end of your move. That’s why we’ll provide you with up to 5 wardrobe boxes, so you can hang up your clothes neatly and securely. You’ll get these on the day of the move, and we will take them with us when we leave.

Yes we do. But there’s a minimum charge of £70 for this service and we’ll only go to certain London post codes, which aren’t too far out. Give us a call now to see if you qualify.