In by Ruya

  1. Date: Choose date
  2. Size of the move. When looking at your account you have 2 type of moves, half and full. Please choose one based on your requirements.
    For your convenience, we have also added three different time options. The standard one is evening but you can also choose ‘morning’ or ‘evening’. Once you have chosen an option, you will be given a list of times.
  3. Billing information. If you want us to invoice the client we will be happy to do so if you provide details; otherwise, as you are using a PO system, please provide one.
  4. Email address: as we assume that you get emails all the time and don’t wish to be bothered with unnecessary emails, there is no set email address on your Dashboard but you will need to enter this (as many as you like) upon submitting the reservation.
  5. Notes: anything you can think of 🙂

That’s it: all you need to do then is press “create an order” and you will receive a confirmation and we will get to work, process the information, assign a reference number, team and van(s). Once done, you will be notified by email with the invoice.