There’s no better example of a well-oiled moving machine than these guys. Maybe it’s because they grew up together (Edward and Daniel are cousins, and Sebastian is their childhood friend). Or maybe it’s because of all the training and experience they have under their collective belt. Either way, if there was some kind of national award for ‘fastest and most careful moving team’ – we’re pretty sure they’d come up top. Although our other moving crews would certainly give them a run for their money!
The A-Team also drive a double-sized van (5.5tons) which can fit heaps more items in than a regular Luton van.
The A-team are your best choice for 2-4 bedroom homes. They’re a very responsible bunch and have a ‘get the job done’ attitude, you’ll be amazed by their speed and efficiency.
Ready to book the A-team to help you with your move?

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