A Few Reasons Why You Should Hire a Removal Company in London

A Few Reasons Why You Should Hire a Removal Company in London

For as long as removal companies have existed, there has been a lively debate about whether movers should hire a removal company, or conduct the move themselves. For the confident, brave souls out there, moving yourself may sound easy enough. But the key issue, that always seems to arise for DIY movers, is that there are activities and aspects of the moving process left unaccounted for. Put simply, things go wrong. Circumstances change. There are countless factors which could impact the success or failure of your move, like traffic conditions, basic miscalculations pertaining to time and cost, geographical issues and practical problems. Without experience and expertise, ensuring that your move goes down without a hitch is next to impossible. Let’s go through a few of the reasons why hiring a removal company, particularly in London, is of such importance.

London is notorious for being geographically complicated. The layout of the roads is complex and vast, making it all too easy to get lost or take the wrong route, and traffic conditions can be horrendous. Experienced removal companies know their way around London. They know which roads to take and which roads to avoid. They won’t waste your time by taking an incorrect route and they certainly won’t get their van stuck down a narrow road. They know where all the low bridges and vehicle restrictions are, meaning that they can get your belongings to your new place as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Improving the packing process. This may seem like something you can manage yourself, but most people underestimate just how much stuff they own and how difficult it is to move. To the untrained eye, it might seem like an easy task to get that six-seater corner sofa through the front door. To a professional mover, they would be able to determine how many men they’ll need to move it and how long it will take them with a single glance. They’ll also know, by taking a survey of your belongings, how big a van they will have to use. This is a common issue for DIY movers. They either overestimate or underestimate how much space they’ll need in the van, which will waste money at best and postpone moving day at worst. Professional movers know how to pack all your delicate items and how to secure them, guaranteeing their safety so you don’t have to lose something valuable.

Equipment! Did you factor in any moving equipment you might need? Like moving trolleys? How about the cost of packing boxes, which you’ll need to buy if you do the move yourself? Packing materials alone can cost movers a fourth of the overall cost of moving, and are usually not taken into account when DIY movers are creating a budget. So if you’re trying to cut down on costs by not hiring a removal company, think again. Many people spend more when they do it themselves, losing out on time, money and peace of mind.

Guaranteed safety. That’s right. Professional removal companies are covered by insurance, which means that if anything you own is damaged, it’s all covered. Plus, the likelihood of it being damaged in the first place is significantly reduced, because removers will have packed your belongings expertly. And then there’s the matter of driving a van. DIY movers will be responsible for driving their own belongings to their new property. Not only will they not be as familiar with the roads as professional movers, but they may not be familiar with driving a vehicle of that size. That can make the journey more stressful, longer and less safe. Plus, if you’re not licensed to drive a vehicle big enough to carry your belongings, you might have to do several trips, costing you far more in petrol and the time you’ve had to hire the van for. Overall, this can cost more than hiring a professional to do the job, and you’ll be sweating by the end of it.

When you do a move yourself, there are so many things to consider. What if something goes wrong? Are you equipped to deal with that issue in a way that doesn’t cost you more money or throw you off schedule? You’ll also have to ask yourself the following questions; who is going to help me with all the lifting? How many boxes will I need? What size van will I need? How easy will it be to drive the van if I’ve never driven one before? Does my insurance cover damage? What if my belongings don’t fit? How will I get the big, awkward items out of my house and onto the van, and then into the new house?

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