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Don’t be fooled by their tough exterior. This three-man team are amazingly delicate and precise with everything they do. And there’s nothing they enjoy more than seeing the smiles of a happy family who have just been safely moved into their new home. Apart from perhaps that piping hot mug of Earl Grey we reward them with when they get back to our M25 Movers headquarters.

With the gentle and caring Renato as a leader, this team bring a combination of young enthusiasm and brute force to the job. These guys are the perfect choice for a 1-2 bedroom home.

You’ll be so delighted at the end of your move, you might even want to give them a hug.

Team Leader

M25 Movers Bumblebee
45 days with no incident – Bronze
3 reviews in 1 month – Bronze
25 repeat & referral clients in 1 quarter – Silver

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