Two childhood friends here. While this team are newer to the moving game than the others (but still fully-trained), they make up for it in sheer strength. Some say they can lift cars with their bare hands, but it may just be an urban myth.

The team leader is Sebastian. Happy people eat more – that’s a known fact, and Sebastian is happy all the time. He’s the smiling Buddhist monk of the company, with a ‘can do’ attitude that takes the stress out of every move.

Don’t be fooled by the cute team nickname, Bumblebee have a no-nonsense attitude, and will take on any moving challenge without blinking an eye.

They’re your strongest and fastest choice for a small to medium-sized move.

Don’t you just love it when a move comes together?

Ready to book Bumblebee to help you with your move?

Team Leader

M25 Movers Bumblebee
  • 120 days with no incident - Gold
  • 4 repeat & referral clients in 1 quarter - Bronze
  • 11 reviews in 1 quorter - Silver

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