Optimus Prime

Between them, this crew has over eight years of experience in the moving industry. They know the fastest and safest way to pack, however large (or small) your property is. And with a van that’s twice the size of your regular Luton model, Team Optimus Prime is one of your strongest choices for any 3-5 bedroom house.

The team leader is Cristian, a great all round guy whose knowledge of moving is second to none. His 2nd in commend, Timothy has a quirky sense of humor and a quick and caring mind, always open to all questions. Like the name suggests, these guys are incredibly reliable, strong, efficient and complete all jobs to the highest possible standard. They’re the super heroes of the moving world.

“Optimus Prime …. More than meet the eye”

Don’t you just love it when a move comes together?

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Team Leader

  • 120 days with no incident - Gold
  • 4 repeat & referral clients in 1 quarter - Bronze
  • 11 reviews in 1 quorter - Silver

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