wet bandits

Wet Bandits

This straight-talking, fast-moving team of super-movers will have your move completed in a flash. We believe happy workers make for happier clients, and the Wet Bandits team is our proof in the pudding. Beneath their friendly, joking nature is a team of professionals who mean business and get the job done.

Team leader Alex is Mr Reliable. A long-time member of the M25 Movers team who has become one of the company pillars, lifting the service quality as easily as he does your boxes.

On moving day, guys like the Wet Bandits are exactly who you want on the job. You might even shed a tear to say goodbye!

Don’t you just love it when a move comes together?

Ready to book Wet Bandits to help you with your move?

Team Leader

  • 120 days with no incident - Gold
  • 4 repeat & referral clients in 1 quarter - Bronze
  • 11 reviews in 1 quorter - Silver

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