The Effective Checklist for Convenient House Removals in London

The Effective Checklist for Convenient House Removals in London

So you’ve been searching the market for months, perhaps even longer, and you’ve finally found your new home. The search itself can feel daunting, but when it’s coupled with the steps required to secure a mortgage and organise a move in date, it becomes downright stressful. And in the grand scheme of moving house, that’s the simple bit. Moving house entails far more than merely picking your new place and living happily ever after.

1. Most people find that there are many aspects of the moving process that they didn’t even know about. Aspects that, when overlooked, can cause big and costly problems further down the line. So that you don’t get blindsided by the important, often forgotten nuances of moving home, we at M25Movers have put together a checklist for you. As one of the most experienced relocation companies in London, this is our area of expertise.

2. Confirm the date of your move. To do this, you’ll have to liaise with the previous owners, your mortgage provider and the estate agents managing the move. Once you have confirmed the date, you can get started on the other steps.

3. Book time off work before and after the day of your move.This will give you time to pack and unpack. With the stress of your move looming, being at work will just be an unnecessary stress and it is more than worth using a couple of days of your holiday allowance to make things easier for yourself.

4. Order some packing boxes. Consider how delicate certain items are, as well as the size, when looking for the right packing boxes for your move. We recommend sturdy ones.There’s nothing worse than a collapsed box and broken china all over your new home.

5. Give notice to your landlord, if you’re renting. If you don’t give appropriate notice, you may find yourself paying a fee or additional rent payments unnecessarily. Be sure to speak to your landlord about deposits and bonds at this time, so you know when to anticipate their return.

6. Arrange to pick up the keys for the new house. Imagine if, after spending weeks preparing, you arrived at your new home with no way of getting inside. Be prepared and be sure to collect your keys before the move.

7. Contact your utility suppliers. This can be a gruelling process, so make sure you do it early, giving your utility providers fair warning of the date you are moving out. This includes gas, electric, water and council tax.

8. Arrange a home insurance policy for your new house. Nothing could be worse than something going wrong just after you have moved in, when you are already out of pocket from your move. Get appropriate insurance for your new home, so that the policy starts from the day you move in.

9. Register to pay council tax at your new house. Missing council tax payments can cost you a surprising amount, so be sure to stay on top of payments and register for them as soon as you know your moving date.

10. Speak to the previous owners and ask them the following questions:

  • Where are the gas and electricity meters?
  • Where is the main stopcock for shutting off the water?
  • Do any surfaces or areas require special cleaning products? (E.g. wooden counters
    or floors)
  • What is the bin collection schedule and where are your bins kept and collected from?
  • Are there any instruction manuals or warranties for electrical items, like white goods?
  • Where did the kitchen and bathroom tiles come from, as well as any other fixed
    decorative elements?
  • Where did the fixed furniture come from?
  • Who are the energy, home phone and broadband providers for the new home?

11. Redirect your post. This is super important. Though it’s not the end of the world if some junk mail goes astray, it could cost you a lot if you miss a speeding fine and end up paying an additional charge or, worse, are called to court. Don’t miss important post. Make sure you set up a redirect.

12. Clean your new home before moving in. Expect there to be dust, moving debris and dirt.Make the most of the place being empty before you move your stuff in and give it a good clean.

13. Have a clear out. Take moving as an opportunity to get rid of any unwanted items, sending them too charity or recycling when appropriate.

14. Let friends and family know that you’re moving. Make sure everyone is in the loop.

15. Pack everything and label boxes appropriately. Getting this step right is especially important, because it can be the difference between an easy and a stressful unpacking experience on the other side.

16. Lastly, hire a removal company. These can vary enormously in cost, as well as in quality, so make sure you’ve done your research. For a dependable company with expertise and experience delivering removal services in London, choose M25Movers. We have a track record for delivering an unbeatable customer experience, and we can help take the stress out of your move. We can even do the packing and unpacking for you!

For more information on the services we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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